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Our Backyard Escape by GroundsPro

Our Backyard Escape by GroundsPro


About Us

With over a decade of experience in bringing residential and commercial landscapes to life, Our Backyard Escape is the premier choice for your landscape project. From small residential projects to large premier projects, we handle it all from design to installation. We pride ourselves on professional, efficient service and on personalizing each project to you. No matter what is involved in your project, Our Backyard Escape specializes in providing you with one-stop landscaping and hardscaping services with expertise in transforming any space into the space of your dreams.

Our Backyard Escape is a family-owned business. We began this company as a family and strive to keep our family values and focus front and center in all that we do. As our family continues to grow, so does our business. We believe that having a family focus as a business helps us to keep loyal and skilled team members with us so they can lend their expertise to your job, and it helps us to view your project as more than a price tag. Your outdoor living space is a place for family and friends to congregate and build bonds and memories. We value that experience and take great pride in being part of a project that will enrich your life and make yours and your family's lives just a little more luxurious and comfortable.


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