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Droplets of Wellness, LLC

Droplets of Wellness, LLC

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About Us

Are you wondering who is this person who is sharing all of this great information about Droplets? It's ME! Andrea!
Here's a bit more about me:

I am a wife and mom, Reiki Practicioner and my family is always first. Business owner second and dream crusher third! I grew up in the Midwest and spent most of my childhood outside exploring. I always feel at peace when I am close to and in tune with nature. Especially water...water resets my soul.

I am a mom who is a mixture of both a silky and crunchy mom. For example, a scrunchy mommy may formula feed, and vaccinate as well as hospital birth but may use cloth diapers and make her own baby food.

I am somewhere in-between a complete tree hunger and a fast-food junkie! My family and I are learning to do better with our wellness by more label reading and research. We are learning to accept that many times things can't be explained by modern medicine and to find our own answers.

I educate, inspire and create momentum every single day to help those who may not know they need help. I strive to bring awareness of daily toxic chemicals to light for those that don’t know what those toxins are doing to their health. We live in a home as free of harsh ingredients as possible, let me help you do the same!

Your health, home and family will thank you!


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ClearLight Full Spectrum Infrared Services
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