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CBD Hudson

CBD Hudson


About Us

I'm Elizabeth Vetter, owner of CBD Hudson. I offer many different, LOCAL, 3rd party tested products, such as tinctures, edibles, topicals, flower, Delta8, and Delta10, that can help with pain, anxiety, sleep, and more. I also offer products for pets and farm animals. It is a family run, family friendly CBD Store, that loves to spread the knowledge of CBD and Cannabis itself.
My daughters and I also offer handmade crafts at CBD Hudson, and support other local artists in the community.


Store Front
3 Tall Pines Gummies, Tabs, and D9 Chocolate Bar
Fresh Baked Brownies Delivered Every Week!
THCV from Sunny Skies (Durand, WI)
Making Holiday Cheer Items for Small Business Saturday
Nixie's Magical Santa Keys
Nixie's Snow in a Jar
PriceLand from Black River Falls, WI
Sunny Skies from Durand, WI
AbraCannabra from Durand, WI
Kinnektion Farm from River Falls, WI
Horse/Farm Animal Treats from 419 Hemp and Kinnektion Farms
CBD/D8 Cookies from Clarity Kitchen (Roseville,MN)
CBD Water from Osceola, WI
Nasadol from BioSpectrum (Madison,WI)
Different CBD Lines
Joy Organics
Holiday Gifts
Making Keychains for CBD Hudson Events

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